Volume 5, Issue 9

  • The Manganese Distribution between the Metal and Slag Phases at 1500 oC in Ferromanganese and Silicomanganese Production
    (Hakan Cengizler)
  • Use of Altered Granite in Wall Tile Production
    (E. Sönmez, B. Öteyaka, G. Yıldırım)
  • Production of High Grade Barite from EL-Gedida Iron Ore Waste
    (Fatma H. Abd Elrahiem, Mahmoud A. Arafa)
  • Optimizing Some Factors Controlling High Manganese Baharia Iron Ore Sinter Quality
    (Ahmed Y.M.Z., Shalabi M.E.H. , Youssef S.E., Zaher F.M.S.)