Volume 3, Issue 6

  • Comperative Investigations of Microstructure and Grindability of Cement Klinker
    (Y. Akın Altun & N. Sönmez)
  • A Case Study on Selective Separation of Coal Macerals by Flotation on Pilot Scale
    (S. Kızgut)
  • Chemical Scrubbing of Acidic/Organic Effluents Using Coal Fly Ashes
    (H. Cohen, M. Polat, E. Lederman, E. Güler, G. Akar, H. Mordoğan & I. Pelly)
  • Beneficiation of Complex Iron Oxides by Flocculation-Flotation
    (D. Çuhadaroğlu, S. Kızgut & L.K. Bacak)
  • Replacement of Limestone by Dolomite in the Sintering of El-Baharia Iron Ore
    (M.E.H. Shalabi, A.M. Baraka, M.A. Abdala & S.S. Abdal-Momen)